Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Biscotti and Coffee

This weekend my hubs and I made fresh homemade Biscotti. Yum! And look at this cute mug that my neighbor got for me. She knows how much I love snowmen. The Biscotti was very good and despite the complicated recipe it ended up being very easy to make. This batch we rolled in cinnamon sugar but next time I think we'll try chocolate.
Biscotti is rather different if you haven't had it before. Not sure if it should really be called a cookie. It's not at all soft and chewy that's for sure. But its meant to be eaten with coffee so if you don't drink coffee I can see why Biscotti wouldn't be appealing.
Most people either LOVE or HATE Biscotti. How about you?


Woman on a Mission said...

I love snowmen too. I wish I had the kinda skill it takes to bake. I burned canned soup.

Heather Nicole said...

WOAM - lol, You're not the only one, I have set many kitchens on fire. some how they still let me back in :)

Thanks for your comments!

Becky said... 12yo daughter and love it and were tlaking aobut trying to bake it...and are in need of a good recipe!

Heather Nicole said...

Hi Becky! Thanks for stopping by my little blog.

I would be happy to post the recipie for you :)